Animal Husbandry

Through fresh, organic, and nutritionally focused cuisine, we're redefining what it means to live a healthy lifestyle. We at Jaivam life are attempting to build a bridge between our health and a pesticide-free environment by adhering to all organic agricultural regulations. This is a social welfare program that aims to improve your physical and emotional well-being by bringing you closer to nature.

When food is placed on your plate, we make certain that you are aware of how it was grown, where it originated from, and how it arrived at your table. Our fruits and vegetables are guaranteed to be chemical-free, and our meat is guaranteed to be hormone-free. All we need is mud, water, sunshine, patience, and a whole lot of love!!

We raise cattle on our farms using only organic and biodegradable materials for nutrition, health, housing, and breeding. They are raised on our organic farms, fed natural organic feed, and given regular check-ups in order to provide the highest quality milk, honey, meat, eggs, and other products. Our crops benefit from the conversion of their biological wastes into natural manure and insecticides. At our farm, we rigorously prohibit the use of synthetic inputs such as feed additives and genetically modified organisms.