Billing System Support

For your organization, Jaivam life provides a full billing solution. We have all of the tools you need to manage your invoicing online, from handling invoices to sending payment reminders to being paid online.


Multiple Outlets billing

Multiple retail locations distributed over a geographical region with centralized management and a similar brand name, business module, procedure, and arrangement are referred to as POS Billing Software.


Multiple Outlets stock management

Jaivam life's multi-store POS system is built to scale and manage the stock of your company. It's never been easier to add more outlets, cash registers, users, or items, with setup taking only minutes.

From one to many more stores

Jaivam life can help you to manage your expanded business in many places across the world, whether you're wanting to expand a single pop-up clothes store into several locations or you're looking to expand a single pop-up clothing store into multiple locations.

Product management

A product management system is a corporate framework within a firm that oversees all business operations, including marketing and sales. It collaborates with key stakeholders on progress, releases plan, and budget for respective solution parts.

Role of a product management system

From clients and orders to invoicing and inventories, our software can help you handle your product life cycle from start to finish, including development workflow planning and communication between teams.


One of the most fundamental functions of online billing software is pricing. You can set up your online billing software to price the products. You no longer have to be concerned about doing it manually. Pricing that is automated saves you time and allows you to focus on other financial issues. Payment delinquency is also reduced via automated pricing. Other workflow choices can also be automated to make your job simpler.

Consolidated Daily sales report

Jaivam helps in generating a consolidated web-based reporting application that assists store managers and owners in keeping track of their store's daily sales reports. All reports generated by the store-level software will be available online and accessible at any time using only a web browser. Designed to operate with the following Jaivam life product, our online billing software is a must-have tool for operating your store from anywhere and at any time.

Can integrate with other online applications using API.

Not only can your developer use app integrations to help you construct your app, but you can also build it in such a manner that it can be connected with other applications. This might either result in a revenue opportunity for you or aid in the expansion of your app or platform's reach. App integrations can save you time and money when it comes to adding functionality to your app. If you're in a position to give a framework to others, an app integration might be a source of money or help your app or platform reach a wider audience.