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Custom CRM Creation Can Help You Improve Your Customer Service

Don't rely on off-the-shelf CRM software! Our custom CRM development services are tailored to your company's specific needs, resulting in increased functionality, lower costs, and improved operational efficiency.

What can be done to improve the efficiency of corporate processes?

Business duties may be increased economically with a personalised CRM, while enhancing productivity and lowering risk.

  • All steps of customer acquisition should be tracked and optimised.
  • Internal communication should be improved, and task overlap should be minimised.
  • Automate low-value processes so you can focus on the high-value ones.
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Best CRM Software Kochi

Every Company, in Every Industry, Should Have a CRM.

Under one roof, Jaivam Life brings together the finest of general-purpose and vertical-specific solutions. With Canvas, you can customize the CRM's user interface to fit your individual needs and tastes. Without creating a single line of code, you can accomplish this.

  • Adoption Rates Are Up
  • Implementation that is more timely
  • Enhanced Return on Investment
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Connect with Your Customers
No Matter Where They Are.

  • can be contacted via phone, email, live chat, and social media.
  • You'll receive real-time updates when customers connect with your company.
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of your customer communication and find the best time and channel for you to reach out to your customers.
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Top CRM Software Kochi

Automation Helps You Save Time.

HRMS Software Kochi

Automate your entire operation and eliminate time-consuming, repetitive tasks.


Make the most of every new lead by streamlining your lead nurturing process.


Instantly take action, stay on top of activities, and better follow up with workflows

Get Up-to-Date Information and Reports.


With strong, real-time analytics, you can make better business decisions.


Measure and manage your company's sales performance across all of its territories.


Keep track of critical performance indicators, such as present trends and projections for the future.

Custom CRM Development Advantages

Lightweight and Adaptable HRMS Software Kochi

Lightweight and Adaptable

Only the features you require are included, and they are organised with your team in mind.

Custom CRM Development Kochi

Begin Right Immediately

Because of the straightforward design, features may be used to their maximum capacity with minimal training.

Improved Integration HRMS Software

Improved Integration

Everything is designed to work with your existing processes and systems.


System Expansion is Simple

Custom CRM development entails the rapid addition of new features in response to changing needs.



Savings by merely building the features you require, followed by a reduction in long-term running costs.

We construct customized CRMs swiftly and neatly as a result of our knowledge and dedication. We provide the following services:

Why Choose Jaivam Life?

  • The user interface is simple and intuitive, with a short learning curve.
  • Month-to-month contracts that are backed up by clear pricing schemes
  • Programs for deployment, advice, onboarding, and training to help you get started quickly.
  • Data may be simply imported from spreadsheets or other CRM systems using the migration process.
  • CRM connection with external systems and applications is made easier with a fully expandable developer platform.
  • With our award-winning CRM apps for iOS and Android, you can sell on the move.

Boost the efficiency of your workflow.

With a personalized CRM, you can increase the efficiency of your entire company.

Increased sales. Lasting Relationship. Increased Growth.