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ERP systems have evolved into centralised repositories where enormous volumes of transactional data are automatically collected, processed, and customised in a single location by various integrated modules. This enables businesses to acquire important insights and access useful information at the time of need, allowing them to automate, plan, cooperate, and execute their business requirements.

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Our modern ERP software; JAB is equipped with flexible options, customisation, better privacy, security and sustainability. We help to run your entire business operations efficiently and prepare for a better tomorrow. The ERP software not only offers connectivity within your system but also connects all data for better insights that help you optimize your business.

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Features of JAB ERP



Our ERP software is built with the capability to integrate and work together. An ERP software can collect, store and analyse data across all departments using a single database.



One of the key features of ERP that minimises human input. This ability reduces everyday tasks including order entry, payroll, accounting, invoicing, reporting and many more works. It reduces error and ensures effective work.


Data Analysis

An ERP system collects, process and analyse data from all business operations. This provide forecasts for future business decisions. Our ERP system can help you predict the demand, outline budget and analyse the business functions thus increasing productivity.



ERP systems generate high end reports including visual representations like charts, graphs and dashboards clearly indicating the exact scenario of a particular business. This capability helps businesses to pick up the weak area quickly and thus enable them to make better informed decisions.


Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

ERP’s customer service management helps to improve long-term customer retention. An integrated CRM tool is an excellent option for businesses with large customer base. This feature allows users to access customer data more efficiently.



Financial management is a crucial part of any business. Our ERP software improves the accuracy and processing time of accounting functions with accounting tools to manage sales & revenue of any business.

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Tracking & Visibility

ERP software can track information and understand business metrics. Comprehensive visibility is an important feature of our ERP Solution.


Human Resource Management

ERP system manages HR business processes efficiently with accurate data management and reporting functions. Our highly insightful system helps in the automation of entire employee cycle.


Sales & marketing

Our ERP system maintains a detailed customer profile and sales history. Insights about customer preferences boost better product marketing enabling improved customer experience thus creating a strong client base!

Steps for implementing an ERP system

The first time you implement an ERP (Enterprise Resource Preparation) system, it can be a long and unpleasant process, as it requires a lot of effort and careful planning to see the benefits to your company. There are numerous reasons to use ERP software, but how can you ensure that it has been properly implemented? Here are the actions you must follow to ensure that your ERP implementation is effective.

Robust ERP Services to Empower Your Business

We are a full-fledged ERP software development company that assists a wide range of industry clients in integrating many workflows and processes into a single integrated system so that their staff may operate more efficiently. Our in-depth knowledge of various underlying models, technologies, and applications, allows us to recommend the best ERP software for your needs. We offer the following ERP development services:

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Custom ERP Software Development

ERP Services

ERP Installation Services

ERP Services

ERP Integration with Third Party Systems

QA and Testing Services in Kochi, Kerala

Testing and Quality Assurance

ERP Services

ERP Implementation and Upgrade

ERP Services

ERP Solution Acquisition Consulting

ERP Services

ERP Migration

ERP Services

Support and Maintenance Services

Business Models We Offer

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Small Business

We have a track record of successfully developing and integrating a wide range of enterprise solutions for small enterprises.

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Our seasoned ERP developers have more than a decade of expertise helping mid-market companies improve their performance with our top-notch services.

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Our engineers have extensive expertise creating and integrating unique enterprise-level solutions with other corporate systems.


ERP Modules

Each ERP module is tailored to certain corporate operations, providing data and supporting processes to assist employees in performing their duties. Every module connects to the ERP system, ensuring that the solution delivers a single source of reliable data even as the company grows.

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JAB ERP Modules

  • Real Estate management System
  • Human Resource Management System
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Billing Software
  • Online Consultation

Are you looking for expert ERP development services? We can assist you; please send us an email or give us a call; we would love to hear from you and will gladly answer any questions you may have.