Farm visit

Many travelers yearn to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life. The key to pleasure and tranquility sought by tourists can be found among the quiet surroundings of a farm. The majority of visitors travel to Kerala in search of peace in the form of its distinctive flora and wildlife. Farm tourism is a relatively new tourism product being promoted in Kerala. Kerala, being a predominantly agricultural state, has enormous potential to grow Farm Tourism on a significant scale without requiring a lot of additional investment. Kerala has 30.22 lakh hectares of gross cultivated land, accounting for 56.78 percent of the state's entire geographical area, according to reports.

Tea, coffee, pepper, cardamom, and ginger plantations comprise more than a third of the cultivated area, while coconut plantations cover another third. Paddy farming covers over 350,000 million hectares of land in the state.

With minimal involvement, it is possible to turn prospective cultivated regions of the state into tourist destinations, allowing the advantages of tourism to flow directly to the farmers. The numerous initiatives in place are aimed at preparing Kerala's farms and plantations to accept visitors by projecting a good image of the farm and agriculture as a whole, with the goal of revitalizing the agricultural sector in Kerala via tourism.

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