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Jab Assist

Top-Notch Technology Suite For Your Online Consultation
Jab Assist - A full online consultation tech solution that allows you to provide your consumers with high-quality virtual consultation.

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Why Should You Invest In Jab Assist?

The exceptional times present a challenge for survival and future planning. Jaivam Life has been providing industry-leading solutions to business owners and entrepreneurs for several years.

We assist you in developing a sophisticated online consultation solution that allows you to:

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Customers can get virtual advice from you

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Streamline Your Company's Processes

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Reduce The Risk Of A Virus Spreading

Online Consultation software Kochi

Key Features Of Jab Assist

Virtual Assistance

  • Jab Assist allows clients to request a one-on-one consultation with specialists via video conferencing, voice conference, or live chat.
  • Use voice and video calls to communicate with us
  • Schedule and reschedule your appointments according to your schedule
  • Providing consumers with help and support 24/7

Hassle Free Record Keeping
  • Track and record sessions with clients for future use.
  • Prescriptions and consultations can be uploaded and downloaded easily to keep history.
  • With the analytical and research option, you can solve problems and make decisions at the right time.

Industry Use Case

Career Consultant Kochi

Career Consultant

Start your online career consulting career with our solutions, which may assist you in analysing your clientele's demands and providing appropriate recommendations.

Legal Consultant Kochi

Legal Consultant

Our solutions, which are precisely tailored to your needs, provide legal assistance and identify tax difficulties from the comfort of your own home.

Social Media Consultant Kochi

Social Media Consultant

Online businesses, like social media, are booming. By using our solutions, you may become a social media consultant and work from anywhere in the world.

Fitness Consultant Kochi

Fitness Consultant

People seek fitness consultations in the fast food era, where your consultations become sweaty from sweets.

Beauty and wellness consultant Kochi

Beauty and wellness consultant

Grow your business by assisting your clients in living a healthy lifestyle by recognising their body and skin needs using your knowledge.

Financial forecast Consulting Kochi

Financial forecast Consulting

Assist your clients in forecasting their income and earnings in the future. Make use of our services and advise on the best ways to protect your clients from potential risks.

Launch Your Jab Assist Online Consultation Solution and
Bridge the Gap Between Customers and Experts

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Get Your Company Ready For The New Normal with Jab Assist

Appointments Booking Software Services Kochi

Booking & Managing Appointments in Advance

Customers can search and filter before reserving a consultation based on their requirements and the availability of experts.
Experts can monitor their schedules on the move, manage reservations, manually add appointments, and set reminders.


Effortless and safe 1:1 Interaction

Users can communicate with their consultants in real time for their questions and doubts,
Consultants may keep their users interested by answering their questions directly from the app.

Online Payments & Tracking Software Services Kochi

Online Payments & Tracking in Real-Time

Allow your users to pay for their consultations online using a variety of payment methods.
Allow experts to set the consultation charge and track daily transactions and revenue over time.


Notifications & Alerts for Appointments in Real-Time

To keep your users informed, send automated appointment/session reminders and other notifications.
Consultants may use the app to see who is requesting an appointment and respond in real time.

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SaaS Business Model

Software as a service, or SaaS, is a delivery model in which clients are licenced to use centrally hosted software via a subscription plan. A software as a service (SaaS) company is one that licences its software through a central, cloud-based infrastructure.

SaaS has an almost endless range of uses, and with fundraising methods diversifying, there has never been a better moment to enter the area. Nonetheless, the most successful software-as-a-service organisations rely on a few essentials in the SaaS business model: a dependence on strong statistics and the use of the appropriate tools and solutions. If you apply the same concepts to your firm, you may find yourself on the same path. Create your own online consultation software for clinics, institutions, fitness centres, and more with SaaS.

Saas Business  Software Services Kochi

Admin Panel

Monitor your online consulting business from a single location.


Powerful Dashboard


Manage Consultants


User Management


Reporting & Analytics


Appointment Management


Broadcast Message


Review & Ratings


Notification Management

Primary Features

And that's not all; the Online Consultation Solution comes with even more exciting features to help you stand out from the crowd.


Profiles & Listings of Experts

On your app, create a list of different consultants with all of their pertinent information, such as qualifications, certificates, and reviews.


Share Availability

Allow your consultants and professionals to determine their own availability and time windows as needed.


Several Integrations

Integrate your consulting app with other apps to provide your customers the best experience possible.


Business Analytics (Advanced)

All of your specialists' reports and insights on total chat, video/audio calls, and sales can be found in one spot.


Upload Documents

Allow specialists to upload and exchange documents with their users, such as notes, legal filings, prescriptions, diet plans, and so on.


Keep An Eye On The Past

Provide a space for your users to keep track of all their previous appointments, documents, notes, and transactions.