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Emails are essential official communication mediums for businesses, yours is not an exception. We live in a world where branding has got much attention. To thrive in an online world with similar competitors companies prefer custom email hosting solutions; where you get a custom email address matching your domain name. How your business creates an online identity and authentication shows your professionalism and brand mark. A custom email address also helps you extend your reach and increase brand awareness.

Being a top email solution provider, Jaivam Life LLP provides ad-free and custom email hosting services. Zimbra is the world’s leading open-source messaging and collaboration suite designed for any business. Your complete email, contacts, calendar, file sharing, chat history and tasks can be integrated easily with your client’s email from any device.

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Jaivam Life LLP is a known Zimbra email hosting provider that helps you amass the best in class enterprise features as follows:

                 Complete email solutions with Zimbra can be enjoyed at any time of the day. We deliver varying classes of services that suit your business.

                  Deployment in Zimbra is easy and more secure than you imagine. Your business can deploy datacenter anywhere.

                  Rich and consistent end-user experience across multiple platforms. Zimbra decreases support costs at the same time increases customer satisfaction.

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