QA & Testing

With an integrated agile quality assurance and testing solution, you can be confident in the functionality and presentation of your online and mobile apps.

Customers choose apps that are user-friendly, safe, and high-performing, with ZERO crashes, installation errors, or defect-free functionality, among the myriad of web and mobile apps available for usage.

We, at Jaivamlife, are dedicated to providing best-in-class quality assurance services to ensure that your apps are consistent and market-ready before they are released. In the same vein as our app development services, we strive to provide complete transparency and encourage teamwork throughout the project lifecycle while maintaining the highest level of quality assurance, as per industry best practices.

Quality Assurance – A Product That Has Been Thoroughly Tested Is Extremely Reliable

When it comes to delivering projects/products, quality assurance is one of the most important aspects of Jaivamlife. Our Testing-Centre of Excellence is a group of dedicated QA engineers who test applications using a customer-first approach to ensure that the supplied product is of the highest quality, resulting in a rich and satisfying customer experience.

The steps in our quality assurance and testing procedure are as follows:

● Concocting the optimal QA strategy

● Using the right software tools

● Planning the test or sprint plan

● Configuring the necessary environment and structuring the test data

● Running tests Relaying the QA deliverables

● Carrying out the post-project or post-sprint evaluation.

Creating the best feasible QA strategy

Using correct software tools creating the test or sprint strategy Configuring the required environment and arranging the test data performing tests Relaying the QA deliverables conducting the post-project or post-sprint evaluation.

Testing of Functionality

We do thorough functional testing as well as database and regression analysis to provide you with a refined summary of your software's functionality. This can assist you in updating and upgrading your apps to fulfil the needs of your clients.

Automation Testing

Our developers use automation test suites/tools for the apps from a functionality standpoint to ensure system functionality is performing well against verifiable requirements using Agile, continuous integration (CI), and DevOps approaches. When the system is put through its paces in the future, the automation test suite aids in promptly identifying flaws and damaged areas.

Performance testing

Our QA professionals employ performance testing tools to uncover technical issues that have a substantial impact on the performance of your application and ensure that your crucial web/mobile app can withstand a sudden surge of demands, keeping up with the newest testing trends and approaches.

Responsive Testing

We can assist you with optimising your application to ensure that it works well across a variety of devices and platforms by conducting extensive responsive testing of your web/mobile app. It doesn't matter if you're using a desktop, a Smartphone, a tablet or an iPad.

Platform Compatibility Testing

Our compatibility testing service enables us to confirm that the application works properly in a variety of web browsers, on a variety of operating systems, and with a variety of software and hardware.

Security Testing

Our testing professionals use effective testing procedures to thoroughly examine the security of your web/mobile application across a variety of platforms. They do web services security testing to look for any network gaps.

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