Web Hosting and Cloud Management

IT companies are making it a point to minimize their up-front spending in IT infrastructure. They are focusing more on the deployment of the applications in the cloud environment. Our main aim is to make sure that the technology infrastructure is performing at its best and is capable of growth and transformation.

We allow the organizations to get a firsthand experience to the Cloud-first vision. Amazon Web services, Google and Microsoft Azure are some of the platforms we have our expertise into.

We provide Cloud Infrastructure Services and Cloud Management Services. The last 20 years have been the evolution of cloud technologies to address the explicit constraints in the IT infrastructure. Software companies such as Microsoft, Google, HP, IBM, Openstack and Amazon all offer cloud environments. These cloud environments are used by MSME customers and Enterprises. Any customer opting for the cloud service will have a great advantage in terms of costing, reliability, efficiency, agility, scalability above all these cloud services are performance driven.

Nowadays in the IT infrastructure the key to the growth of any company is efficiency. Earlier services were designed and deployed for weeks or sometimes months but that’s not the case anymore, it’s a matter of hours, services today are deployed and ready to be used. Having said that, cloud computing is not just storage space or pulling up the computer resources or even application as a service, there is a lot more to it.

Web Hosting Support

Web hosting allows selling or leasing of space on a server, a service offered by companies, who is a web host. On this server an individual or a company can store the files which help to access a website on the internet. If an internet user wants to visit your website all he has to do is type the address of the website/domain in the space of the browser called address bar. Now a connection is established between your computer and the server on which the website is placed. This server will deliver the WebPages of the website through the browser.

DevOps Services

Devops services help in the collaboration of the development and operations team to the cloud. The main agenda is to deliver a code to the development, test and Production infrastructure. The time taken for automation to market and offer improvement constantly and consistently is less. We have an integrated solution approach which collaborates the technology, people and people together and the end result is faster deliverables.

Server Management Services Email setup and migration

We will help in migrating your email to Office 365 or Google workspace with no hassles and it does not affect who your current provider is. Which email service? and even if the setup is complex, it can be done easily.

Copying thousands of emails is a time consuming effort and you don’t have to take the trouble. We will take care of that at a low fixed cost. It is a safe procedure and we will transfer all your folders and your email account will also be intact.Neither of your devices will be accessed by us, but we will access your old and new email accounts by using a complete cloud based service.